Using Appreciative Inquiry Will Help Your Trades

Effective ways to evaluate your trading performance. So, this brings us to the more supportive and constructive way to use introspection and self-reflection while conducting an investigation into your performance, appreciative inquiry.  

So, when investigating your planning, rule maintenance and commitment keeping, do so in a way that honors, appreciates, values and respects your achievements, wisdom, insights, competencies and capacities as you look for ways to improve your trading process.  Avoid the insidious seduction of hateful, angry outbursts directed at yourself by stopping as soon as the awareness hits that you are descending into this abyss and redirecting your thoughts and questions to a positive proactivity designed to bring out your best.  This is what is taught in “Mastering the Mental Game” online and on-location courses and also in my book, From Pain to Profit: Secrets of the Peak Performance Trader.

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