The Benefits of Mindful Meditation for Your Trading

To combat this notion, I’ll list some of the benefits of a mindfulness practice that accrue to the trader.  These are just a few of the myriad positive adjustments meditation that will support you and your trading with physiological, mental and emotional benefits after just 8 weeks of practice as outlined in literally hundreds of scientific studies..

What Are the Benefits of Meditating?

  1. Sharpening attentionBy reducing the amount of internal conflicting dialogue the individual is supported in the ability to focus more intently on the trade or investment at hand.
  2. Lowering heart rateWhile trading it is very easy to become overly excited and experience a racing heart. Consistent meditation relaxes the overall system and helps the trader/investor to track incoming data with greater clarity.
  3. Lowering stressStress levels become elevated when trading/investing due to hard earned capital at risk. Meditation eases stress levels and helps the individual navigate through the complexities of the market.
  4. Easing anxietyFor many traders, just opening their platform increases anxiety…about being wrong, making mistakes and losing money. Meditation helps the trader/investor to align body, mind and emotions to go in the same direction and for the same goals, thereby reducing internal turmoil and conflict.
  5. Increasing patienceMeditation helps the trader/investor to appreciate the moment and develop the capacity for waiting, which is a mainstay of successful trading.
  6. Inducing calmThrough the process of sitting still and focusing on breathing, mindfulness meditation calms the body and the mind which expands the trader’s ability to reduce distorted judgement and better deal with distracting negative emotions and thoughts.
  7. Reducing susceptibility to fear and greedSuccessful trading/investing stems in part from the effective management of fear and greed, two of the most disruptive emotions to the process. Meditation helps the trader to maintain a grounded and centered perspective that puts distance between these emotions and the task at hand.

There is so much that can be and has been said about the virtues of mindful meditation and I encourage and invite you to open your eyes both metaphorically and literally to awaken to greater meaning and purpose in life by beginning a mindfulness practice. The beauty is that although it is not easy, it is simple.  Even starting out with a relatively small practice of a few minutes a day can be beneficial.  The choice is yours, to continue sleep-walking through life while on automatic pilot and at the end of the day feeling just as depressed, overwhelmed and stressed as when you started with yet no clue as to what to do about it.  All it takes is the intention and doing nothing as you sit or lie or walk in quiet mindful awareness… just being.

Dr Woody Johnson can be contacted on this link: Dr Woody Johnson

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