Trader Joe’s podcast is weirdly popular on Apple right now

Trader Joe’s announced a new product this week. It’s not frozen cashew milk or kale-flavored Joe Joe’s, but a podcast. And like its other cult favorites, it’s weirdly popular. At press time, it was number three on Apple Podcasts, edging out Joe Rogan. The five episodes of Inside Trader Joe’s attempt to answer all the burning questions people have about the company, including how its parking lots have become ground zero for Parking Wars, the hit reality show of the future.

The show stars key staff members, including most of the company’s C-suite executives. They spill the (organic?) beans about the ins and outs of running a grocery store, including how they find their new addictive products, why they sell bananas individually, and whether they’ll ever open an online store.

Fun fact: Instead of throwing food in the trash, they donate 70 million pounds of food to causes that combat hunger. Even funner fact: The staff tries everything–even the dog biscuits, which apparently taste like salmon and sweet potato, but we’ll go ahead and trust them on that.

You can listen to the entire five-part series here, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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