Bollinger Squeeze on TSN Daily

TSN Big Picture – Bollinger Squeeze

  1. TSN is trending up.
  2. It had a complex pullback in the form of a falling wedge.
  3. Price broke out from the wedge and hit its measured target before drifting sideways. Hitting of a bullish target confirms the upwards trend.

TSN Small Picture – Bollinger Squeeze

  1. TSN caught our eye because its Bollinger Bandwidth is at its lowest in six months. This sets up a Bollinger Squeeze which finds low volatility stocks that might break-out soon.
  2. The sideways action is also a shallow bull flag.

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Bollinger Squeeze Trade Analysis

The overall trend is up. Hence, our bias for the break-out is bullish.

There are two possible entry methods.

  1. Enter when price close beyond Bollinger Bands according to Bollinger Squeeze setup
  2. Enter when price breaks out of bull flag

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