Clarity Amid Lockdown: 3 Powerful Finance Books of All Time Wealthy People ReadLearn to Trade PH

Our lives have radically changed. Extended lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic are significantly affecting our well-being.

Overall, the financial, political, and economic realms are spiraling, and the world has gone noisier like never before. You are regularly bombarded with information more likely to cause anxiety than to enlighten you. Staying sane, cool-headed, and free from distractions is now becoming a major challenge.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. In these trying times, the best way to survive and thrive is through self-care. It includes setting clear boundaries, creating a sacred space, and making some uninterrupted time for yourself.

One thing worth noting is how Warren Buffett, a famous investor and philanthropist, spends 80% of his time reading for at least 5 hours a day. On the surface, it seems like he’s virtually doing nothing. However,  his commitment to lifelong learning is not something to be underestimated — this led him to the best investment decisions and trading analysis by far.

While you have practically three more weeks and a few extra hours added to your routine without the everyday travel, it pays to go inward and learn from the best minds in Finance. So during this lockdown, it’s time to bring out your reading list and start learning. We have a list of the best finance books to help you make the most of the situation. Here are the top 3 books wealthy people approve of that can set you up in the midst of crisis:


The Intelligent Investor, Benjamin Graham

This classic is acclaimed by none other than Warren Buffett, one of Graham’s famous mentees. Buffett considers this as “by far the best book on investing ever written.” Anchored on Graham’s philosophy of “value investing,” this book was created in a structure fitting for the laymen to comprehend.

Likewise, this specific technique protects investors from costly mistakes through the execution of long-term investment strategies. In contrast to a speculator who follows patterns, Graham stresses the importance of research and developing a logical, consistent, and concrete plan devoid of influence against the changing markets.

This investment handbook has sold more than a million worldwide and has been considered as the “stock market bible” since its first publication in 1949.

Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill, a consultant to influential business leaders, spent most of his life studying billionaires. As a result, he was able to craft his philosophy based on those who achieved massive financial results and breakthroughs.

He revealed the secret and mystery of roughly 500 extremely affluent men in the chapters of his book. He believed that it was meant to redefine and transform the educational system if adequately taught.

This book has sold over 15 million globally, making it an all-time bestseller and standard in motivational literature. It was the first-ever book to assertively ask, “What makes a winner?”


Choose To Be Wealthy – 8 Habits of the Happy Millionaire, Bo Sanchez

If you’re looking for a no-BS, step-by-step manual to build your finances, look no further. Bo Sanchez, a Filipino entrepreneur and minister, lays down the foundation of achieving abundance in life. Here, his guide was underpinned on shifting one’s beliefs and habits powerfully, to create an unconstrained and automated lucrative strategy.

This book is perfect for starters in the wealth creation game by giving you insightful tips on how to smartly ace it. It’s also a book that shows you that anyone can be financially free as long as they have the knowledge that can help empower them. This is definitely one of the best books to read during this crisis.

Now that you have the above recommendations to add to your reading list, one way to explore and enjoy the benefits of the powerful world of Finance is through the Forex market. You can definitely cut out the noise and build impeccable wealth management skills by properly educating yourself.

Allow us to supplement your knowledge with actionable steps towards financial freedom. Along with the 300,000 people worldwide that our expert mentors have trained, start taking charge of your life too and crisis-proof your finances.


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